Working Among Friends_WAF

Dr. Kofi Ayim supports ‚Working Among Friends‘

The experienced and well-connected consultant Dr. Kofi Ayim is now supporting “Working Among Friends” in West Africa. The team around Business Manager and Managing Director Mike Lange is looking forward to this collaboration, commencing with Dr. Ayim travelling to Ghana. Dr. Ayim is looking to cement existing relationships and build on already established business ventures with prominent government authorities, for example in the emerging countries of Ghana or Ivory Coast.
In addition to having strong ties to government, Dr. Ayim also has very close affiliations with non-political actors who support him on the ground and who themselves benefit from his know-how. Dr. Ayim brings with him promising projects from the sectors of environmental engineering, trade, resources, precious metals, transportation and food. He is involved in projects in the mining sector, specifically gold mining, where advanced mining techniques and equipment can dramatically increase yields and are therefore of great interest to investors. Several African venture-capital-companies have already signaled their interest in industrial equipment which is “Made in Germany”. Recycling is another top priority for our established partners in West Africa, especially the recovery of crude oil from waste products and the significant issue of water procurement and treatment on the otherare areas of concern. Regarding transportation and logistics, efforts are underway to establish a German-African airline. Dr. Ayim has participated in various preliminary talks and negotiations and can introduce potential German and European partners to local actors. Prior to Dr. Ayims trip, “Working Among Friends” has already contacted numerous potential industrial partners and private investors and identified possible synergies. The motto “Only the best for Africa!” is what Business Manager Mike Lange passed on to our new colleague for his journey.